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The show will go live Thanksgiving night @ 6:00 PM

This page last modified on Friday, November 24 2017

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Welcome to the Kriders South Main Street Christmas. We are located in the 500 block of South Main Street, Churubusco, Indiana. Our theme is "listen to the lights". If you stop by and watch the show during the show hours, you will be treated to an electrical masterpiece combining music with electricity and lights for a light and music show never seen in this area before. If you're in Churubusco during show hours make sure you drive down South Main Street and tune your FM radio to 96.7 and listen to the lights (music). Or walk down the sidewalk and listen to the lights (music) via our outside speakers.

****11-24-2017 No changes for this year. Working on a couple of new songs and a couple of updates for the singing trees.

****12-5-2015 Just added Toy Sack to the lineup.

****11-12-2015 Due to time restraints with putting up a new shop, I am not changing much this year. I am going to add some accent led flood lights if I get some programming time.

****12-5-2014 Just added "Let It go" from Frozen to the sequence lineup.

****New for 2014 will be the continuance of upgrading to led lights. The quartet of singing trees will be upgraded to led's this year with aproximatley 3300 incandesant lights changed out to led's.

****New for 2013, The addidtion of the singing Christmas tree quartet. 4 Christmas trees will sing a couple of songs thru out the show. Also I have switched out my remaining incan mini's to led's making the whole display about 99% led's

****New for 2012 we are starting the switch over to led lights, we have added about 18,000 led lights for this year.

****New for 2011 a customized remake of "The House On Christmas Street", by Judy Pancoast for our show.
This is the first song that will play in the player above on this page.