Setup Blog for 2013

During September, October, November I have been converting my icicle lights, rain deer, sliegh, santa all to led strings. Had to cut apart new led strings and splice in the colors I wanted for the red's, green's and blue's as the led bulbs are all sealed on the wires and are not removable. In the proccess of doing this I had to make new a rectifier package and size 2 resistors for each string.
11-15-2013 Started putting up all of the high stuff on the roof. Got most of it up. Still got to get some strobes up yet.

11-16-2013 finished up the roof stuff and wrapped the porch pole with the rope lights

11-17-2013 Everything up so far survived the storms and wind.

11-18-2013 Started putting up all of the rest of the house lights around the house.

11-19-2013 Hammered all of the controller post into the ground. Programmed 2 new controllers for the singing quartet. Then got all controllers mounted. Started hooking up all of the house circuits

11-20-2013  Finished hooking up all of the house circuits. Then put up the arches, snowmen, strobes by the side walk and hooked them all up. Got the singing tree quartet all put up and power cords run to controllers. Still got to get programming done to know what circuits to hook to what.

11-21-2013 Then the rain came

11-22-2013 Rain continued in the early morning. Got the mega tree base and guy wires all up. Then started stringing all 36 cords to the base of the tree. Then put up 60 strands of lights on the tree and hooked all cords up.

11-23-2013 I was under the weather, lost today

11-24-2013 Started putting up the yard stuff and hooking up. Made new wiring harness for the reindeer, sliegh, santa, choir people and got them all hooked up. Pluged all 32 channels of the singing quartet into the controller

11-25-2013 Got all of the yard stuff finished up and hooked up.

11-26-2013 Hooked up all power cords to controller's and run all of the comminication cables to the controller's. Started testing all circuits out. 

11-27-2013 Finished up a few odd and ends. Corrected a couple of circuits that was hooked up wrong. all looks good and ready to go.

11-28-2013 everything fired up and the first show is in the books.

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