Setup Blog for 2014

Late October thru November. Testing and repairing of all lights and props. Getting ready to start putting things up Saturday 11/15.
11-15-2014 Started in 19 degree weather this morning putting things up. Got Santa Clause up on the roof. Got all of the icicle lights up, got all the wreathes up, got all of the roof strobes up, got the singing tree quartet up, got all power cords to all the roof stuff up. Roof and high stuff all done. 

11-16-2014 Got all of the controllers installed. Got most of the house lights done and hooked to controllers.

11-17-2014 Put up the arches and got the snowmen and strobe lights put up. Hooked arches and snowmen and strobes to contollers

11-18-2014 To cold to work outside for me. Got the blow molds ready to go out.

11-19-2014 Got Elf land setup and all power cords and strobes hooked up. Set up Santa, Sleigh, Rudolf and deer and got them and their strobes all hooked up. Got the mega tree base and center mast pole and the guy wires all setup and anchored down. Also got the star put on top.

11-20-2014 Not much done today due to the cold and the wind. Got the mega tree base all set up. Got all of the power cords (36 of them) ran into the base of the tree. Got all of the strobe lights put on.

11-21-2014 Not much done today again due to cold weather. Got 40 strings of lights put on mega tree and hooked up at the base in the afternoon.

11-22-2014 Started back on the mega tree today. Got the other 20 strings of lights put on and all cords hooked  to controllers. Got the nativity scene put together and hooked up. Got the 5 porch poles wrapped with the rope lights and hooked up. Got the porch strobes put up and hooked up. Got the angels put up and hooked up.

11-23-2014 Got all of the 28 mini trees put out and hooked up. Got the mini tree strobes hooked up. Started to hook up controller power, got 3 done and then the rain came!

11-24-2014 Started back on getting all power cords run to the controllers. Then started hooking up the cat 5e ethernet commincations cables. Got all units powered up and started testing out the controllers from the hardware utility program and could not see all of the controllers. Started looking at the controller numbers and thru plugging and unplugging and bypassing the ethernet jacks I found I had a bad jack on a controller board. Swapped out that controller and then could see all of them on the south side of the house, but not the north side. After doing the same proccess as on the bad controller above, I found a bad ethernet jack in my panel feed thru jack on the bottom of the controller housing. Replaced jack and all is fine. All units detected and working in hardware untility. Started testing all of the circuits. Got most done will test more on Tuesday. Got the singing tree quartet all hooked up and checked out.

11-25-2014 Got roof Santa hooked up. Tested all circuits on mega tree. Found 3 hooked up wrong. Corrected them and all is ok. All circuits look good now.
Looks like things are ready to go except getting audio levels setup. Will work on them later today.

11-26-2014 Done a test run during the day all started off fine and then part of the lights quit working. After some diagnosing the controller that I thought was a bad panel cable above turned out to be a controller issue. So I swaped it out with my spare controller and all seems fine now. Ran a couple of test sessions and all whent ok. Adjusted audio levels a little more.

11-27-2014 6:33 PM show is live and running with no problems!!! Hope you enjoy the shows

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