Setup Blog for 2015

11-14-2015 Started putting all of the high stuff up on the house, Icicle lights up and wired down, all roof strobes up and wired down, roof santa and strobes wired down. All window lights put up.

11-15-2015 Finished putting up all of the rest of the lights on the house.

11-19-2015 Got the arches all setup and the snowmen and strobes out by the sidewalk. Got all of the controllers put up and hooked up the arches, snowmen,strobes. also hooked up all of the roof stuff. Got elf land setup and hooked up.

11-20-2015 Started on putting up the mega tree. Got mega tree frame up and all power cords run to it. got 40 strands of lights put on. Still 20 to go.

11-21-2015 Finished putting on the last 20 strings of lights and hooked all cords up to the controllers and then the snow came at about noon.

11-22-2015 Hooked up all power cords to controllers. Hooked up all remaining lights / circuits that had not been hooked up yet. Shoveled snow off of the lawn where mini trees need to go and also where Santa, Sliegh and deer have to be setup. 
11-23-2015 Setup all of my mini trees and wired up. Setup Santa, sliegh and deer and wired up. Run communications cables to all controllers and powered up all controllers for the first time. Had problems with # 6 controller responding ok. After reseting controller and pluging / unplugging ethernet cables to this controller, I found 1 cable not seated all the way in. All seems fine on this controller now.

11-24-2015 Finished hooking up odds-n-ends. Ran several test on everything. Found a couple of circuits hooked up wrong

11-25-2015 Ran a few more test. ran audio test and got levels set.

11-26-2015 Repaired roof Santa, he worked when I put him up there. Found a rope light coupling had corroded. Cut a small piece off of each end and respliced. all is fine now. Replace 2 new strobes on the roof that failed allready.
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