Setup Blog for 2016

10-29-2016 Wrapped rope lights on the porch poles.
11-7-2016 Put the uper roof stuff up
11-9-2016 Cleaned gutters and put up roof icicle lights
11-13-2016 Started putting roof stuff up
11-14-2016 Finished roof stuff and got front 3 singing trees put up and started on house stuff.
11-15-2016 Put up 4th singing tree on south wall. and got all house lights put up
11-16-2016 Started putting yard stuff up. Got all controllers put up. Got all house lights hooked up to the controllers.
11-17-2016 Repaired 1 arch, had to replace 3 sets of lights on it  Put some yard stuff out and got mega tree put up and 50 sets of lights put on before it got dark.
11-18-2016 Finished mega tree up and hooked up all of the cords to it. Hooked all cords up to the arches and snowmen. Got Santa, Sleigh and Deer all setup and hooked up.

11-19-2016 32 degrees out and 20 mph winds. Did not do anything.
11-20-2016 Still cold and wind blowing. DId not do anything
11-21-2016 Finished up north side. Got elf land done and # 1 arch hooked up, finished side walk mini trees, got power cords all run to the south controllers.
11-22-2016 Finished running all power cords on the north controllers. Hooked up all of the data cables and checked all the controllers out with the hardware utility program. Finished up all odd's n end's. Tested all the controllers. Tested all the lights.
11-23-2016 Rained all day. Tested each circuit from the harware utility. Found mega tree with 3 circuits switched. Tested all of the strobe lights. Found 5 of the new ones bad.
11- 24-2016 Replaced the 5 bad strobes and fixed 2 sockets. WooHoo, ready for the show tonight!!!!

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