Setup Blog for 2017

11-12-2017 Put up icicle lights and strobes, all high and roof stuff put up. Also put up the singing trees.
11-13-17 Ran cords up to all the icicle lights, mounted all controller boxes, ran all power cords to controllers, hooked up all cords ran so far.
11-14-17 Rain! got show computer up and running and done al of the updates after being off for a year. Worked on the roof santa, put all new led rope light on several weeks ago and ordered a 3 channel controller for the waving action. The one I recieved does not turn each channel off before the other comes on. did not look right. So I ended up using only 2 of the 3 channels and made his wave only 2 postion instead of 3. Redone my tune to sign and tore it apart and replace the short power cord with 40 footers to get to controller.


11-15-17 Got elf land set up, got all arches set up and power cords ran to all
11-16-17 Rain
11-17-17 got mega tree frame, guy wires and base all put up. Ran all cords to there location and hooked up thr tree top power harness.
11-20-17 worked on mega tree, got all of the lights on except for 8 strings before getting dark
11-21-17 Finished mega tree up, Put out the deer and sliegh, Jessus scene, choir scene. Everything on South side done.
11-22-17 Got the rest of the north side done, all cords hooked up, all mini trees and strobes hooked up. Hoked up all communications cables and power all controllers up. Found one controller not working right. Controller 10
Done diagmostic's and determined that I miss wired 4 of the cords comming out ot the unit. This unit was sent back to LOR for repairs and I missed getting a couple of pigtails wired right. Will pull the controller in the morning and take down to shop and rewire. 

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