Setup Blog for 2018

October thru November. Testing and repairing of all lights and props. Getting ready to start putting things up Saturday 11/3/2018.
11-3-18  Got all of the icicle lights up, got all the wreathes up and most  of the lights on the house up.

11-4-18 Got all of the icicle light power cords run. Got most of the controler stakes put in, rest of lights on the house put up.

11-5-18 Got rest of controller stakes in. Started mounting the controllers.

11-6-18 Had to run after parts

11-7-18 Finished up getting all the controllers mounted and run power cords.

11-8-18 Hooked up all lights mounted on house

11-9-18 Wind and cold nothing done

11-10-18 Windy and cold temp this am with wind chill 8 degrees. Started vacation today to put up the rest of the display.

Did not document the rest of the setup. Basically 12 days of setup.

11-22-2018 Had show up and running.


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